The Raveling Mantle & The Wandering Wood

Chapter 2

Reclaiming Winterhaven


It was the young dragon’s fate to die today.

Today, Hagen, Jarren, and I marched toward the Keep of Winterhaven. We soon realized that the keep had been sacked by a pack of kobolds (who we later discovered were followers of a young white dragon). While fighting the kobolds, however, Hagen fatefully fell off the ramparts of the keep and died in the moat below. As the fight raged on, a rogue entered the fray and decided to work with the group. We made short work of the kobolds, and pressed on to the keep’s inner bailey.

There we discovered the body of a Winterhaven militiaman, fatefully mangled almost beyond all recognition—it appeared to be the work of a dragon.

Reogar the rogue followed the dragon’s footprints to the lord’s manor and stealthily climbed to the second floor to see if he could spy the dragon. He did. And, he also noticed that the Lord of Winterhaven was defeated, lying prone and badly injured on the floor. There was still a chance to save him, but only Jergal knew if we would.

I decided to try the door of the wizard’s tower, to see if there was anything useful inside. But before I could gain entry I heard the fell flapping of the dragon’s wings above.

Reogar and Jarren scattered, but I felt Jergal’s hand pushing me into melee with the dragon. Things went very badly at first. I was no match for the dragon alone. But Reogar and Jarren joined the battle, and, together, we slew the dragon.


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