The Glorious Darkling Realm


The Glorious Darkling Realm
a compendium
of what little
is known
of the Shadowfell
Gravemont the Archmage

Chapter 1: Mocking and Mirroring

Called by various names, the Realm of Shadow, the Grey Waste, the Nightmare Lands, the Shadowfell, this plane of existence mocks and mirrors our world. Our world provides the material: forests, rivers, cities. And the Shadowfell warps these in nightmarish ways. Here a sleepy village is reflected by one in perpetual night, where the residents wear ghastly faces; there a keep standing on a mountain of ash, skeletons pacing the battlements.

Few from our world have traveled this realm, fewer still have returned to tell of what they saw there. But, this much is known: there are sites in our world, in the deepest darkness in the roots of a mountain or the heart of a forest, where the veil between these worlds is worn thin, and the Shadowfell creeps in. Creatures from one world may cross the threshold, and the creatures of the Shadowfell are the unnumbered dead.

The Glorious Darkling Realm

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